PAIGE EILEEN is a product owning,  interaction designer, illustrator, painter, & all-around problem solver


The Facts:

Hilarious: at least she thinks she is, coffee addict, dreamer, sports fanatic, painter, reader, obsessor of Nelson Mandela, despite better judgement: a Cowboys fan, Mavericks fan, Stars fan, maybe just a sports fan, taco devourer, music enthusiast, slave to chocolate, her favorite animal is the beluga whale, cried when she went to the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam, scarf wearer, blog writer, cold weather lover, British want-to-be, dyslexic, hit by a car twice-survivor, hater of laundry day, dog-mom to Fallon, winner of 3-point knock out against Dirk Nowitzki, avid thrifter, hard-working, problem solving, one of a kind, texan.

Today, I can be found as the Head of Product and Design at Bookshout, a digital book app. Previously I worked for a digital product design agency in Oakland, California.

I am a product of unconditional support, from my family to my friends and professors: thank you, I truly owe you everything.

Paige Baumgartner

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Dallas, TX


Title: "When an introvert has a loud voice"