Nextant, Consumer and Internal Product Tool
API Development, UX/UI Design, and Responsive Web Design


  • Aggregated varied types of complex data from many different sources into a friendly and usable experience for non-technical users

  • Managed a highly iterative process with design and revisions; turnaround time was critical to not block our devs

  • Co-crafted the user engagement roadmap

My team at Favorite Medium and myself, helped Nexant create iEnergy, a white-label, consumer-facing platform that utility providers can purchase and use with their customers. The platform gives user insight into their energy use by providing them a breakdown of their consumption and comparing it against similar households. Additionally, the platform gives you tips and tricks, specific to you on how to become a more efficient household. My team worked closely with Nexant from vision to the first customer implementation and the iterations that continued beyond the first engagement. iEnergy disrupts the utility industry by capturing valuable data and allowing consumers to conserve energy and reduce their costs.