FreeStyle LibreLink, from Abbott, a glucose monitoring device and tracking app


Now approved by the FDA, FreeStyle LibreLink, enables users to monitor and track their glucose levels in real-time. No more finger pricking. Instead users wear a painless, water resistant, 14 day sensor that measures glucose levels through the skin. Simply scan the sensor with a paired phone and glucose levels are updated and sent to both the user and their healthcare providers. Plus notes can be added to help give insight into potential trends. Data is stored for up to 90 days and can even be shared with others.

Beyond managing and tracking ones glucose for valuable insight, FreeStyle LibreLink includes and in depth alert system. If a users numbers drop dangerous low and spike too high, alerts will be sent to healthcare providers and the phone will send a notification. Depending on the severity of the situation, the user may receive a message or a message with a tone unique to the app. Additionally, users may customize their alert numbers and generate additional notifications such as, to eat a snack or record a note.

For the first time ever, a patient is able to monitor their glucose seamlessly and discreetly, helping them to live a healthier life.